Birds Of Prey

Original charcoal drawings

on 310gsm South Bank paper

Paper size: 100 x 70cm

Framed size: 117 x 87cm

Originals SOLD

Prints available click here

About the work

This series of raptors drawn in charcoal began after lockdown. I drew them to remind myself that, despite making predominantly abstract artworks for the previous ten years, I could still draw in the traditional sense. I also hoped they might sell and they did. However, a brief monetary hike wasn't the only thing they gave me.

These are powerful birds and something of that power came through me whilst drawing them. At the time, I was burning with love and desire for life itself when I moved up to Scotland. I was emotionally soaring and I literally felt like I was on fire whilst doing it. For weeks I lived with this feeling in my chest of my muscles expanding. It was the physical feeling of my heart opening. That's the way that I decided I would live from then on. I drew these powerful birds and in return they helped draw my own power out of me.

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