Etchings on Somerset paper

Signed in pencil

Paper size 76 x 106cm

This series is available to purchase from CIRCLE Contemporary

About the work

From the immortal genius of the sculptor and printmaker Eduardo Chillida: "Almost everything can be resolved by taking away."

Well said Fred. I have subtracted 'etching' as I experience it, until the least possible remains, in order to allow the materials to speak. In the simplest of terms, I am printing metal onto paper with the help of ink and a huuuuuge amount of pressure from the etching press. Exposing each of these elements for all their simple beauty.

These etchings come from a deep unearthing of the materials that I handle; the metals that I file and scrape; the paper that I experience in its different states from wet to dry; the ink that gets all over my hands and inevitably my face and the tools that become an extension of my arm.

The ink picks up more of the metal than what the plate will show you by just looking at it.

There's a tonal variation across the printed surface that makes it seem alive. When you're really looking at it, the surface moves, it breathes.

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