In Search of Selkies

Hand-printed monoprint series on Somerset etching paper

Paper size: 62 x 49cm

Unframed price for each artwork: £595

Please contact me here for available pieces, quoting the series title.

About the work

When our eyes met in the evening light

my heart reset to an unearthly height

had I not turned I'd never have known

I was not way out there alone

in search of selkies I'd ventured out

light played on the water as it crashed about

I turned my head and caught your eyes

though I sought to find it was still a surprise

those glimmering eyes I shall never forget

that stare so deep into each others depths

I blinked and you were gone

as silently as you'd come to shore

but that glimmer remains forever etched

it'll haunt me now forever more.


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