Wild Thoughts

Hand-printed monoprint series on Somerset etching paper

Paper size: 62 x 49cm

Unframed price for each artwork: £595

Please contact me here for available pieces, quoting the series title.

About the Work

What is this thing I'm searching for

this thing that's gripped me by the core

there's something that I'm seeking out

to haul back in but no amount of pulling makes

this thing feel like it's going to break

to free me from its mighty grip

my cores completely ill-equipped

to deal with this magnificent Stuff

there's been no time for it to adjust

to this mysterious thing it thinks it's found

since landing on this golden ground

and making bonds with those around

who lit the fire that released the hounds

tied up in my wild thoughts of deep desire

that possessed my hands to make this Stuff

that seems to come from burning love

but if in love we find out who we want to be

I'm so glad I fall in love this easily

I'll get under the skin of life

I want to feel the skin on mine

I want to feel this all the time

so while I hope this thing will pass

I'll do everything to make it last.


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